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We are an association of healthcare professionals that believe, through unity we can spark major change throughout the healthcare spectrum as it relates to workplace and educational racial injustice. We want you to join us in exposing racial prejudice and dismantling its roots throughout healthcare institutions in Black communities that we serve in and to those that are being served. Together we can create change. 

We believe that nurses, patients, and healthcare intuitions should exist to treat all people with kindness, dignity and respect

Our Mission

The ‘Black Nurses Matter’ network was established to eliminate systematic and structural racism across all aspects of the healthcare system. We believe that harnessing the power of Black nurses to fighting against systems of racism and oppression will improve the health and well-being of Black communities disproportionately impacted by health inequalities. Black nurses will be empowered to create systematic change through the following:

Our Mission
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Our Vision

Patient Advocacy – we aim to further empower Black nurses to provide excellent and unbiased health care to Black people regardless of age, education, income, gender-identity, sexual orientation or ability.

Active Resistance – we aim to further empower Black nurses to use their voices and actions to dismantle white supremacy and racial prejudice/partiality in the areas of nursing practice, research, and policy with the goals
of enhancing the health of Black communities.

Networking and Mentorship – we aim to further empower Black nurses to create powerful and multi-
generational networks of learning and influence and to create safe spaces to ensure that collectively, Black nurses reach their full leadership potential in the areas of practice, scholarship, community engagement and

We Need Your Support Today!

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